Swine Flu rapidly increase: Home remedies protecting yourself from it

The number of people from Tamil Nadu state has become hunted by Swine Flu from January.The number of Swine Flu patients has increased.The conditions in other states are not much good. Tamil Nadu might lead the table for the highest detections of the virus, but Maharashtra had the highest mortality rate, around 300 deaths, and 2,738 infections.

Following tips, you can follow to keep the flu away.

1. Eat 5 basil leaves daily.It helps in strengthening immunity.

2. Daily Pranayam and regular morning jog/walk.

3. You can have a small piece of Kapoor or camphor. Adults can swallow it with water while children can take it along with food.

4. You should eat Amla daily.

5. Take two pods of raw garlic first thing in the morning by swallowing it with lukewarm water. It will strengthen your immunity.

6. Take a glass milk every night with a small measure of turmeric.

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