NIA initiates a process to attach Zakir Naik’s properties upon NIA court’s declaring him”proclaimed offender” on 21 July.

Procurement of wealth of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) President Zakir Naik has been initiated under Section 83 of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) Criminal Code (CRPC).

Earlier, on July 21, the NIA court has followed the order to fulfill the publication of the declaration declared against Naik.

Naik had filed a petition in the Delhi High Court, which the judicial tribunal asked to withdraw the decision to ban the organization under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

The hearing began on 27 July before an independent bench of the High Court.

On November 17, 2016, the Union Home Ministry immediately banned on the organization under UAPA., Then on 20th March Delhi High Court rejected the request the IRF plea on the ban.

Accordingly, the organization had said that the nominated persons in the FIR – Zakir Naik and Arshi Qureshi – can not reflect on the organization and will affect the charity and educational work being done by the IRF.

IRF also claimed that FIRst was based on speeches allegedly made by Zakir Naik years before the charges were raised.


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