Hamburg : 1 dead & several injured in knife man attack.

The attack happened inside a supermarket on Fuhlsbüttler Street, (Hamburg city of northern Germany).That is why the scared buyers escaped from the store to call for help.

In this attack,1 died and much more injured.

Authorities describe the incident as a “terror attack,”, the incident area was a block by officers, described by the armed officials.

Witnesses say how the person gets down to the buyer and at least three times the knockout.

At 3.11 firefighters and police received dozens of emergency calls.

The culprit, a man, ran across the street after the attack in the Edeka supermarket, while armed units were scrambled him.

Police in Germany have tweeted they are unsure of the motive at this time, with some claims it was a robbery attempt.Several people have been injured.

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